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Waterloo County Revolver Association


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Welcome to the Waterloo County Revolver Association Website!

Supervised Hours:    Wednesday Night: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

                                        Sunday Afternoon: 1:00pm - 4:00pm


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The club's directors can be now be reached via a single e-mail address :

                                  wcradirectors 'at' googlegroups.com.



We have been incurring significant range damage from certain types of ammunition, that being

steel core rounds. Steel targets have dents and even holes in them.  The board of directors has

decided that discharging "Steel Core" ammunition will be not permitted at Waterloo County

Revolver Association.


EVENT Calendar


April  2014 Events

Monday        - Apr 14  - OIHL Match - Waterloo hosts Wentworth (7pm)

Thursday      - Apr 17 - Bullseye Team Practice (8:30pm)

Monday        - Apr 21 - Bullseye Team Practice (7pm)

Thursday      - Apr 24  - OIHL Match - Waterloo hosts Listowel (7pm)

Sunday         - Apr 27  - PPC Match - Burlington Range (9:30am)

Sunday         - Apr 27  - CF & RF Silhouette Match


May 2014 Events

Saturday     - May 3 - AGM Dinner and Meeting

Sunday        - May 18  - CF & RF Silhouette Match

Friday/Sat  - May 23/24 - NRA 1800 (flyer)

Thursday     - May 29 - PPC Match Pre-shoot

Saturday     - May 31 - PPC Match


June 2014 Events

Thursday     -  June 6-8  IPSC
Saturday      - June 14 - Range Cleanup (9am)

Friday/Sat   -  June 27/28 - NRA 1800

Sunday        -  June 29 - CF & RF Silhouette Match


July 2014 Events

Thursday     -  July 18-20  IPSC
Friday/Sat   -  July 25/26 - NRA 1800

Sunday        -  July 27 - CF & RF Silhouette Match


August 2014 Events

Thursday     - Aug 8-10  IPSC
Sunday        - Aug 17 - CF & RF Silhouette Match

Thursday     - Aug 21 - PPC Match Pre-shoot

Saturday     - Aug 23 - PPC Match


September  2014 Events

Friday/Sat   -  Sept 26/27 - NRA 1800

Sunday        -  Sept 28 - CF & RF Silhouette Match


Access to the range facilities is limited to members and their guests only.

The club does NOT rent range time and/or firearms.

General information and inquiry email address:  wcrainfo@gmail.com


First Aid kits and emergency numbers have now been put on each range.


Members and their guests MUST be holstered trained (IPSC/PPC/CDP/IDPA) before they are

       permitted to engage in holstered firearms activities on any of our ranges.


New to pistol shooting?  Why not try the precision pistol sport. 

      Here is a Do-it-yourself starter's guide adapted from www.pilkguns.com

Members and their guests are REQUIRED by law to sign in when they come onto club property.  Swiping the door FOB does NOT meet the physical sign in requirements of the club.

If you shoot on the rear IPSC ranges, make sure both the main and rear RANGE OPEN signs and RED FLAGS are set to show range activity.

The club does not employ a range cleaning service.  Brass casings are not bio-degradable (especially .22 rim-fire).  It seem that we all pickup centre-fire brass and only litter .22 rim-fire.  So as a courtesy, please pick up the brass contribution you left on the ground. 



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